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First of all, in this article, you will find out about bitcoin cash cryptocurrency. However, it is also a review of bitcoin cash usage in the online casinos. So, it will be very useful for players who are searching for Bitcoin Cash casinos to play.

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Casinos Around the World

All counties have laws for internet gambling. Therefore, while some counties have bitcoin cash casinos, others do not. It depends on many factors. Furthermore, some USA states allow online gambling and bitcoin cash casinos while others do not. For example, Orlando and Florida.

Advantages of Playing in Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Casinos

bitcoincash casinos online

Bitcoin-Cash online casinos

It is clear that online gambling and cryptocurrencies are friends. Why? Well, almost every cryptocurrency allows its users to stay anonymous while making peer-to-peer transactions. This technology allows sites for gambling with bitcoin cash (or any other cryptocurrency) to make and to pay money without (or with smaller) taxes and other fees. Nobody except online BCH (cryptocurrency) casinos can state exactly, the amount of money which they earn per year.


Because of these facts, it is quite likely that the majority of people will believe that bitcoin cash or any other cryptocurrency is not safe. However, it is certainly safe for its users. Blockchain is one of the most reliable algorithms in the world and it allows nobody except the money owners to use their crypto wallets.


Furthermore, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is originated from Bitcoin (BTC), they were created almost at the same time and it makes them brother currencies. Although, developers who wanted to upgrade Bitcoin and make it easier to use, faster and even cheaper decided to create a completely new currency – Bitcoin Cash. Therefore, Bitcoin Cash is much cheaper, faster and easy to use than Bitcoin.

Lack of Inflation

Perhaps we should also point out the fact that the cost of almost every cryptocurrency depends on people’s interest in Bitcoin (it is the most popular cryptocurrency). If the majority of Bitcoin users will start selling it, the cost of all cryptocurrencies will decrease. However, as we have seen it in the past, eventually the cost of Bitcoin will start rising again.


Compared to gambling with Bitcoin (BTC), gambling with Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has an enormous advantage – faster transactions. Yes, Bitcoin Cash isn’t only cheaper than Bitcoin, but also is faster. Why? Because it’s more upgradable, meaning that more users can make transactions at any given time.

Casino Games to Play with Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Well, some BCH faucets allow their users to play Provably Fair BCH games, on the other hand, the majority of cryptocurrency casinos are not developed only for Bitcoin Cash. As a rule, all of them accept Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies. Alternatively, if you are not sure about gambling with cryptocurrencies right away, you can try any bitcoin cash game for free with a demo mode.

Video Slots with Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Some BCH slots are available in provably fair casinos, on the other hand, if you want to play the most popular bitcoin cash slot you would probably be required to change your cryptocurrency to the online casino currency.

Roulette with Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

The Roulette is one of the most popular games in the Provably Fair casinos besides that free BCH roulette is provided there as well.

Blackjack with Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

The Blackjack is not as popular as the Roulette. On the other hand, it is a completely different game and provides its players with slightly other emotions.

Video Poker with Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Although poker is the most popular card game in the world, the majority of poker rooms prefer to accept credit cards or fiat. However, you can play BCH video poker in any online casino which accepts Bitcoin Cash.

Dice game with Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

It cannot be denied that bitcoin cash dice is as popular as bitcoin cash roulette in the Provably Fair casinos. However, BCH dice game is not popular among experienced gamblers. Why? Well, some people believe that it is very boring.

Lottery with Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) lottery is also available at the online casinos which accept Bitcoin Cash.

Betting with Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Some of the sportsbooks accept cryptocurrencies. Therefore, Bitcoin Cash betting is certainly available there.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as a Payment Method in the Online Casino

Given these facts, it’s quite likely that gambling sites that accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are more advanced than those who do not. It is cheaper, faster and more user friendly than Bitcoin. Therefore, in our opinion, you should use BCH as a payment method in the online casino.

Requesting Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Withdrawal in the Online Casino

Sometimes requesting any withdrawal in the online casino can be the pain in the ass. For example, any site for gambling with Bitcoin Cash can deny your withdrawal if you did not follow casino rules. Therefore, you should always pay attention and play wisely.


What is a commission for a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) deposit?

In general, the commission for Bitcoin Cash transactions is 5 times cheaper than Bitcoin fees.

How much time do Bitcoin Cash (BCH) payments take?

While BTC transaction speed takes up to 10 minutes, BCH transactions take less than 2 minutes.

Would you stay anonymous if you use Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet for playing in a casino?

Blockchain technology allows any user to stay anonymous and allows him to stop paying taxes.