A bit of history and facts about BTC Blackjack. The first mention of this game is found in 1440 in Italy. During a long time, in many countries blackjack was prohibited, like all kinds of gambling. Currently, on age of the Internet and cryptocurrencies, you can play freely any games from home, make a deposit with bitcoins on the site of an online casino using your desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone.

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Benefits of BTC BlackJack:

  • games speed
  • simple strategy
  • clear boundaries of rates for each table
  • anonymity and security of transactions

Bitcoins in online crypto casino

Nowadays, people get bitcoins using mining or cryptocurrency trading. Modern gamblers find it much easier to play bitcoins right away to get them out of their wallet and change them to cash. Therefore, the% of players who use cryptocurrency to play in online casinos is growing every day.


BTC blackjack

BTC blackjack

The goal is to score points closer to 21, or 21, but not to score “busting” (more than 21 points).
Everyone plays against the dealer.
Often Blackjack plays 6 decks of 52 cards = 312 cards. Decks are connected, mixed and distributed by 1 card.

When a player chooses a double, his bet is doubled and he receives only one card.

Split – when a player receives 2 cards of equal value, for example, a king and 10. Split is the division of cards into 2 hands with the subsequent duplication of a bet. After that, each hand is considered a separate player and gets 1 card each.

If a player does not like cards, he can make a surrender – this is almost the same thing as a pass in popular card games. Only when the surrender part of the bet is returned to the player, namely 50%

There is another version of the game, which is called “insurance”. On the gaming table there is a special field with a yellow line, you can put a chip in there to insure against the blackjack of the dealer. This will mean that if Blackjack falls to the dealer, the player will lose his main bet, but the dealer will have to give you a 2 to 1 winnings of the amount of bitcoins that you bet on “insurance”.

If a player gets a blackjack when the dealer has an open ace in his hand, and the second card is hidden, he may demand to pay him a winnings immediately. In this case, the player will receive a win of 1 to 1, while the standard blackjack win is 3 to 2.

Distribution of cards in the game.

  1. The player who is on the left of the dealer starts the turn.
  2. Cards are dealt out openly to all players.
  3. For 1 distribution circle, the Dealer also places one 1 open card.
  4. At stage 2 of the distribution, the players again receive cards openly, and the dealer hides his second card and does not show it to anyone.
  5. The dealer’s move is always the last.

Cost of cards

All cards-pictures of Jacks, Ladies, Kings give 10 points. Ten also gives 10 points.
The remaining cards are rated at 6-6, 7-7, 8-8, 9-9

Blackjack is when you immediately receive 2 cards 10 + Ace.

If a player has more than 2 cards in his hand, the ace turns from 11 points to 1 point.

Bitcoin BlackJack live dealers Responsibilities:

  1. The dealer must type cards until their amount in his hand is less than or equal to 16 points. As soon as the amount is 17 or higher, he must stop.
  2. After that, the dealer pays winnings to players who have more points than him and takes the chips from players who have less points, or vice versa bust.
  3. If a player has 9, 10 or 11 points, then the dealer must remind him that there is an opportunity to play a double. The player can always do this, but if he has any other amount in his hand, the dealer is not obliged to remind him of it.

How are the winnings calculated?

If you immediately get blackjack, then you get a win 3 to 2, i.e. for example, if you bet 50 BTC, you will get your 50 + 50 + 25 = 125 BTC back
If you scored 21 points with other cards, for example 6 + 7 + 8, then this is not a blackjack, this combination is simply called “21”. According to it you get a win 1 to 1.

Banking and Withdrawals

When choosing online casinos, be sure to pay attention to whether they accept deposits in bitcoins and check with the support service how long it takes to withdraw funds if you win. If you know how to use Bitcoin wallet – you will not have any problems with account replenishment.


Unlike most card games in which the player must “respond” to the opponents’ moves and put amounts no less large than his predecessor or fold, in Blackjack each gambler puts exactly the amount he wants.

Bonus system

If you collected 21 using consecutive card numbers (for example, 6,7,8) or using three sevens (7,7,7) of different suits, then you get an x3 bonus from your bet. If the suit of the cards is the same, the bonus amount is x5.
If you collect 21 having more than 5 cards on hand (for example, 3,7,3,2.4,2) then you get x1 bonus. One suit = x5.

In this case, in the next game only the bet that you set yourself is taken into account.
Bonuses are sent immediately to your pocket.
You will not get these bonuses if you play split or double.
If you play split with 2 aces, you can only get 1 card to each ace.

BTC BlackJack strategies

The best strategies are:

  • do not risk over trifles
  • do not put large amounts of bitcoins when you do not have good cards
  • follow the cards that go out of the game (in the case of 6 decks, this is very important)
  • do not use “insurance”.
  • Conclusions

    Playing online blackjack for bitcoins you can get a huge amount of adrenaline and win large sums. Today, a large number of online casinos that accept cryptocurrencies are open, and therefore – register, play and have fun!