It appears that anyone can play gambling games with Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. There are a lot of reasons why people want to use their Bitcoins (or other cryptos) and play their favorite casino games while using them. For instance, nowadays, almost everybody is abscessed with cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, some people don’t trust and don’t believe in Bitcoin’s success in the future. Well, in this review you will discover more facts about crypto gambling and games of Bitcoin Casinos.

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What are Bitcoin Gambling Games?

Certainly, it is hard to determine what is “Bitcoin Casino Games” because any casino which accepts Bitcoins could be called “Bitcoin Casino”. To this way of thinking any game in “Bitcoin Casino” is the “Bitcoin Casino Game”. However, we also agree that Provably Fair Games, games which are based on the blockchain algorithm, could be called “the real Bitcoin Casino Games”. It is important to add that there is a 3rd type of “Bitcoin Casino Games” – Casino Games about Bitcoin. For example, there is a video slot called “The Satoshi’s Secret” created by Endorphina. As you can see, any casino game which takes Bitcoin as a payment method, or uses the blockchain algorithm, or is about the Bitcoin (cryptos) are Bitcoin Casino Games.

So what casino games could you play using Bitcoin? Well, there are a lot of different types of new and old games which you can find in the Bitcoin Casino. Let’s talk about them further on.

bitcoin gambling games - full collection

Types of Bitcoin Games

Of course, there are a lot of types of games in the Bitcoin Casino. For example, Video Slots, Poker, Blackjack, Dice, etc. Moreover, the new game in the Bitcoin Casino (as well as in any Online Casino) will be welcomed by the players. Why? Even though usually there are more than 1000 different games at the online casino, an experienced player is always thirsty for the new casino games. Some games in the Bitcoin casino are fun, some are very boring. Every player has his taste and therefore game providers always try to put more effort into the new games and to upgrade their popular old games. Also, it is important for any Bitcoin / Online casino to add new games as soon as the provider releases it because if they don’t do that, the player will find another place for gambling.

Video Slots

Many popular video slot games are provided at the bitcoin casino. The majority of players love them. Why? First of all, video slots don’t require a lot of thinking or counting, there aren’t any working strategies which would help you to win in them. However, some players are lucky enough, not only to save their money but also, to win minor or major Jackpots there. On the other hand, you should remember that it happens very rarely.

Here are some of the most popular video slots which are played at the Bitcoin Casino:

  1. Starburst (NetEnt) is a good example because it is considered to be the most popular video slot which is loved among the gamblers. It was one of the first video slots to feature the expanding wilds and it made NetEnt one of the best, most famous, and even most desirable game providers in the gambling sphere.
  2. Later on, Microgaming created its masterpiece, one of the best video slots with high-volatility – Immortal Romance. At first sight, this is a video slot which tells the love story of vampires. However, the truth is that this video slot is the monster, which destroyed the lives of many players. Win bonus round and become a millionaire. Does it sound good enough? Well, it’s nearly the truth.
  3. It is a well-known fact that the Book of Ra (Novomatic) is the most well-known classic video slot in the world. It is possible that your father or your grandfather used to play in the Book of Ra. Yet, don’t underestimate this video slot because it is quite old. A lot of players still love it and they could be your age. You should consider playing in the Book of Ra and you will discover why.

Table Games

As for table games, the majority of them are much older than video slots, some of them were created hundreds or even thousands of years ago and most of them are well known. Card games are also considered to be table games. There are 5 most popular table games which you can find at the Bitcoin Casino. What are they?

  • To begin with, Poker is the most popular table game which could be played at home as well as at the online Bitcoin casino. There are different types of Poker which require different rules and skills. However, only Texas Hold’Em (player takes 2 cards, bet and then waits for other 5 to be revealed) is played in the World Series of Poker. This game is so popular that even some of the Holywood Stars play it. For example, Tobey Maguire (Spider-Man actor) is well known as one of the best Poker players.
  • Blackjack is also a famous table game of any Bitcoin Casino. It is the game where every card costs a certain amount of points and every player as well as the dealer is required to take cards until the amount of point would 21 or close to 21. If the amount of players cards reaches more than 21 points, it means he lost the round.
  • Another popular table game that you should consider playing at the Bitcoin Casino is Roullete. However, the only thing you influence in this game is your stakes, there are a lot of different strategies that were created and could be used in the roulette. On the other hand, you should remember that in some bitcoin casinos these strategies don’t work and in others, you will be simply banned because of them. Therefore, you shouldn’t use any of them.

Live BTC Casino Games

It is a well-known fact that live casino games are also available at the Bitcoin casino. However, video slots aren’t considered to be a part of the live casino games, the majority of the table games is a part of live casino games. In general, most of the live casino games are table games. Besides that live casino games try to provide to the players as much live gambling experience as possible.

People who play in live casino games know that all the difference between them and table games is the presence of live dealers there. In real live casinos, dealers are often men. Although, to attract more interest live casinos uses young and sexy girls as live dealers.

As we stated earlier in the paragraph, there is a big variety of table games at the live casinos. Some of them as not as popular as poker, blackjack, and roulette. You can find such games in the live casino as:

For instance, one of the biggest disadvantages of live casinos is the fact that no deposit casino bonuses aren’t available there. If you want to play in the live casino game you need to deposit your own money and start gambling. Besides that, most online casinos don’t allow their players to complete bonus requirements there.

Provably Fair Games

As we stated at the beginning of this article, Provably Fair casino games are those games that are based on the blockchain algorithm. Also, this algorithm provides players with an ability to check their bets while they look at the game history. There aren’t any centralized servers that could have an impact on your bets. For that reason, Provably Fair games are considered to be the most trustworthy games at the online casinos.

Well, it is important to add that at the beginning of Provably Fair games they were created for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and commonly they were launched at Bitcoin Faucet sites. Although, you can find them at some modern online casinos which accept fiat and credit cards as well.

Here are some of the most famous Provably Fair games:

  • Hi-Lo (High-Low) Provably Fair Game – it is a very simple game where the player must guess whether the next card in the deck would be higher or lower. It is very popular in the Provably Fair online casinos and a lot of gamblers are familiar with it.
  • Plinko is another popular Provably Fair game, we suppose that the most popular Japanese gambling game – Pachinko, originates from Plinko. Briefly, in this game, you launch balls, then they hit each other and in the end, they can enter different raws which will give you a different multiplier. However, it is a very easy game, you should be careful with it and don’t launch all your balls at the same time, because they are your bets and aren’t free unless you are playing in the demo mode.
  • Provably Fair Dice has the same rules as the usual dice. However, a lot of players love it because it’s very simple and easy to play. If you looking for a Provably Fair Game to start with, we highly recommend you, Dice.
  • As for Provably Fair Mines, you are required to choose one of the 25 available fields, if you choose wisely and are lucky enough then you will win. However, if you don’t choose the correct field your bet will explode and you will lose your money.
  • At this point, we must mention one more game. This is the game which you will find in almost every Provably Fair casino and it is also one of the most popular table games. The Provably Fair roulette is the right choice for people who are always open to new strategies and are ready to trust the Provably Fair algorithm.

Lastly, as you can see all Provably Fair games are simple, they aren’t as hard as Poker or Blackjack, they aren’t any high-quality graphics as in the Video Slots. However, they have earned a lot of trust among the players and some of them could be fun if you are open to some new gambling solutions.

Bitcoin Casino Games on Mobile Devices

It was always important for online casino games to be available at different devices. If the player doesn’t use a personal computer and uses only his mobile phone or the tablet than online casino loses money which they could have earned. Therefore, the majority of Bitcoin Casino games are available from almost any modern mobile device. On the other hand, let’s go in-depth because while some players use mobile phones with iOS others have an Android.

Casino Games on iOS

In general, some of the gamblers prefer to play their favorite games in the Bitcoin Casino from their iPhones. Therefore the majority of gambling websites are available and designed for mobile devices. You can get access to them from your browsers. For example, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera mobile.

On the other hand, some Apple users prefer apps and for that reason, they always search in the apple store for an iOS app with real bitcoin gambling games, but because of Apple Store Terms and Policies, it is almost impossible to find an app there where you could win any real money.

Casino Games on Android

As for Android users, there isn’t any problem to download a free app with Bitcoin Casino games. However, you should remember to download a free official Bitcoin Casino app from its actual websites. Because, there are a lot of free apps, created by scammers, with gambling games where you will only lose your Bitcoin. Moreover, the Play Markets Terms and Policies are quite similar to Apples, so you should try to look for an app there.

On the whole, as most of the statistics show, every year the number of mobile phone users grows much faster than the number of PC users. It is obvious that online casinos will try to rise their influence on mobile phones as much as possible.


How can I play games at Bitcoin Casino?

If you want to play games at the Bitcoin casino you should follow these steps:

  1. You should find a trustworthy Bitcoin casino. Consider, choosing one of the websites from our lists. They are all well-known and trusted among gamblers.
  2. Then you need to sign up for the Bitcoin casino which you have chosen. Enter your real data and real mobile phone.
  3. After you finish, signing up for the casino, you need to choose the deposit method (in your case it would probably be Bitcoins).
  4. Once you make a deposit, choose the Bitcoin casino game and start playing it.

Good Luck!

Are there any high limit games at the Bitcoin Casino?

Highrollers are always welcomed at any Bitcoin Casino, therefore, there are different high limit games which you can choose at the casino’s website.

Are Bitcoin games and Bitcoin Casinos popular in different countries?

Yeah, they are popular all over the world.

Why some people don’t play Bitcoin casino games?

Probably, they don’t have any interest in casino games or they could be scared to lose their money.

Can I earn a real BTC in Bitcoin gambling games?

Of course, if you are lucky enough, then you will win in the Bitcoin gambling game.